TTT 45 has it all: Blockchain, HFT, Spread Trading,Nat Gas, a special guest, and of course, Henry Schwartz
They discuss:

  • What is EOX Live?
  • The evolution of the nat gas market
  • Going from phone calls to electronic trading
  • What about spread trades
  • And more

Hot Topics in Tech: Cattlemen vs. the CME. IEX exchange quest spurs a “Flash Boys” fight with Citadel. Blockchain update: Security concerns, more money for startups and question from clearing firms.

The Inbox: Listener questions and comments

  • Question from Allanon – You discussed trading via smartphone in the previous episode. I think the real revolution will be trading via virtual reality. Can you imagine standing inside a swirling sea of quotes and literally picking you trades out of the air? Forget the GUI. It will all be about virtual user experience.
  • Question from JVicks – What is the next market that will fall victim to predatory HFT?