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A Clear Competitive Advantage

Quickly grasp the information that you need, and intuitively be able to act on it when you use EOXLive Active Markets platform. Our industry-leading technology platform provides you with the competitive advantage that you deserve and which will allow you to trade like never before. We are actively changing the way risk managers and traders do business. EOXLive offers just the right mix of analytics, market information and liquidity details by supplying commodities markets data that is not currently available on any other screen.

The transparency that you will find throughout OTC Global is also seen in our EOXLive platform, plus pre-trade intelligence and last traded prices for the natural gas options market. The full set of commodities markets is coming soon too. There’s no need to wait for someone else, you can submit orders and send requests directly through the EOXLive platform.

The EOXLive markets screens provide transparency, pre-trade intelligence, and unmatched liquidity for commodities markets, allowing you to trade like never before. Actionable data displayed in an understandable way means you will discover more profitable opportunities first so you can trade confidently.

Better Insight. Better Decisions.

EOXLive provides traders and risk managers with unique information and liquidity by supplying commodities market data not currently available on any other screen. The platform also features pre-trade markets and last traded prices for the natural gas options market and will expand within OTCGH’s full set of commodities markets. Traders, risk managers and market makers are able to submit orders and send requests through EOXLive as well as ISV partners.

Go With an Industry Leader

By August 2015, EOXLive represented more than 66% of the CME options by volume on the Henry Hub natural gas benchmark. But EOXLive is not just for natural gas; the platform supports full-spectrum trading for bilateral and exchange-traded commodities such as crude, refined product, petrochemical, metal, weather, agricultural and environmental markets.

Improved Overall Efficiency

When you have access to an intuitive and transparent execution platform, you will find marked efficiencies and improved implementation on a regular basis. Get the pre-trade market information and last-traded prices for natural gas options right at your fingertips.

Part of EOX Holdings, a registered Introducing Broker with the National Futures Association. EOXLive delivers comprehensive and unique market data while providing order and trade management, reporting and clearing for thousands of hedger, trader, and market maker accounts. The on-screen price discovery provides ease of use, while maintaining the human element that adds so much value to the broker and trader relationship. Since EOXLive leverages the combined power of 15 distinct brokerage shops, customers have the execution capabilities to trade like never before.

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All exchange cleared trades are executed under EOX Holdings, which is a registered Introducing broker with the NFA.
Individual brokers within all the companies under OTCGH are registered with the NFA as ‘Associated Persons’ of EOX Holdings LLC